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NFL Draft

Posted by: HinesWard86
Date: 30 April 2007 00:42:38 UTC

How do you think the Steelers did in the 2007 NFL Draft today?
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Posted by: matt
Date: 30 April 2007 00:44:09 UTC

I think the Steelers made good first- and second-round draft picks, but picking a Tight End in the third round was lame - we already have Heath Miller!

Steelers Draft

Posted by: RonRico
Date: 30 April 2007 00:45:53 UTC

Hopefully they will try to trade for some good linemen before the season starts...
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Posted by: matt
Date: 30 April 2007 01:19:21 UTC

look at me posting again. Check out the pic, too. Seriously.
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Try again

Posted by: matt
Date: 30 April 2007 01:20:52 UTC

It ate my mouse.
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why me, lord?

Posted by: matt
Date: 30 April 2007 01:21:48 UTC

Let me post!!!

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